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We produce different kinds of heater radiators and evaporators for cars and trucks

Company information

Welcome to AD Radiators - Automotive cooling spare parts

AD TRADE COMPANY LTD is the trading company, founded in 2009 year. The main direction of our business is a cars cooling systems, such as radiator, condenser, heater radiator and evaporator, fan shroud and fans, blowing motors. Our trade mark is AD Radiators.

AD Radiators has specialized in manufacturing and supplying radiators and condensers for the automotive aftermarket. Our products range covers most of the models japanese car and truck manufacturers and a lot of others over the world. With a range of more than 5,000 products, AD Radiators has the broader product range in the market.

Our factory has ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Covering an area about 24,000 square meters, we annually supply the market with 1,000,000 condensers, evaporatoters and radiators for all kinds of passenger vehicles. We have built a united and high spirited team of twenties of efficient managing personnel, tens of technical engineers who keep the R&D step close to the new car models’, 6 groups of sales staffs and more than 300 skilled workers.

AD Radiators produces all goods on the newest construction technology, such NOCOLOK - where flat tubes are soldered together. Flat tubes offer a significantly better cooling capacity than round tubes seeing that the surface area is larger, and this increases the heat dissipation and the cooling effect. Every year we develop about 100 new products for different markets.

In order to ensure the cooling capacity, even under extreme physical conditions, AD Radiators manufactures radiators with double-folded fins. These are much stronger than the more common single-folded fins, resisting dust, stones thrown up from the road etc. much better.  This reduces the risk of damage which will affect the cooling capacity and engine performance negatively.

All radiators are carefully packaged, thus minimising the risk of transport damage. 


We have a lot of new models in our range. Do you need new catalogue? Contact us!